Venture Kid Nintendo Switch Review

Talk about a game that brings you a flashback with an awesome new 8-bit retro action plat former – you might want to checkout Venture kid!

You start off with a villain called Teklov who’s creating a new secret weapon that’s disguised in a space fortress and Andy, the main character, must stop him.

Little bit of Mega Man, Mario, and Blue Bomber vibes because of the enemies, which are mostly animals such as bees, raccoons, men with guns and arrows on the first level then later motorcyclists in the city, death, miners, and much more

Shooting can be a little old school complicated where you can only shoot one direction and not diagonally so you have to maneuver just right to shoot the enemies with your gun.

The fluidity of the game is very smooth, as I experienced no lag in the game as I continued to platform to each level and the environment constantly changed with new scenery. You pickup different items with each enemy you defeat and around the level. You also pickup some health to replenish each hit you take. With a total of 9 levels and of course – bosses

We found the game to appear like a sweet but innocent game but upon playing definitely found ourselves retrying the levels many times. But after each boss you tend to get new weapons to cycle through depending what kind of enemy it is.

There’s also some items you can pickup along the way but it’s somewhat hard to tell what the items are and what they do. Also some minor inconsistencies like the orbs you pickup are purple but then the number increases in the corner is shown with a golden orb instead. There are a total of 8 of these unique power-ups total.

No 8-bit game is complete without a retro soundtrack which the game includes Matt creamers chip tune soundtrack – retro city rampage.

Overall a very fun game and powering through when dying a bit can be a little frustrating – just keep at the precision shooting and dodging and the pay off to win will truly be there.