Venom Review Spoiler Free

Venom was a good stand alone film I enjoyed it where many did not. It does not follow the comic to the letter and is not tied to the MCU. If you can get past that I felt it was better than the early reviews said again this is my opinion. I was unsure of Tom Hardy as Venom but after watching it he was great as Venom. The storyline is where the issue lies the die-hard Venom fans will have issues the movie fan who knows nothing of the storyline won’t be fixed on the comics story. It’s a tough one and to each, there own here I understand the comic fan as well as the moviegoer so I say you must judge for yourself. The film is action-packed and the conversations between the symbiote Venom and Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) were funny as well trash talking each other. This one really is one to see for yourself and see where you stand on the film.