Urban fantasy RPG Code Atma is out now on Android & iOS

Pull back the veil, become a Seeker and join the secret war for the spirit-realm

August 19th, 2021 – Agate are throwing open the gates to a secret world of gods, monsters and mystery today in Code Atma. Launching today on Google Play and the App Store, it is a narrative-driven mobile RPG set in a gritty world of inspired urban fantasy. Players take up the role of a Seeker, a modern-day spiritualist armed with a techno-magical phone app that lets you see, command and summon Atma; spirits and monsters of Southeast Asian legend existing on the fringes of our perception.

Lose yourself in a deep visual novel-style story where your choices matter, and face swarms of hostile Atma in strategic real-time RPG combat. Assemble your forces and battle against the unseen threats menacing humanity, and discover the reason for this mystical invasion. As players dig deeper into Code Atma, they’ll discover dark secrets, a looming calamity and a legion of threats, but also allies. Meet a colourful cast of Seekers and other magic-wielders, forge alliances and face the coming menace alongside them and your Atma.

Players can also put their Atma to the ultimate test in asynchronous PvP combat. Put together your strongest team and send them to the arena to challenge other teams and rise up the ranks, even while you’re offline. Aim for the top for fame, glory and the admiration (and jealousy) of your fellow Seekers, or just use the arena as a test-bed for cunning new battle plans.

Those joining the fight today will not be alone. Those who have heard The Calling and pre-registered the game have secured a generous cache of starting resources for all players. During the launch period, everyone who plays Code Atma will be rewarded with the Pocong Atma, a custom skin for it and the materials needed to ascend it to level 60. Players will also receive enough summoning tickets to add another twenty new Atma to their ranks and lastly a pair of S-Rank equippable items.


Around launch, all players will receive:

  • 50 Pocong 4* Shards
  • 1 Pocong Skin: Cuddly Poci
  • 50 Barong 5* Shards
  • 454,600 Gold
  • 206,800 XP
  • 350 Souls
  • 10 Summoning Tickets
  • 1 Platinum Ticket (10 Summons)
  • 5,000 Diamonds
  • 1 Replica Kacarma equipment (S rarity)
  • 1 Hrusangkali Bow equipment (S rarity)

Newly recruited Seekers are also invited to take part in the Mythical Bootcamp event, running from launch day until September 14th. Those fresh to the fight will have a chance to prove themselves in a series of introductory missions and be rewarded with an additional Platinum Ticket, adding yet another ten Atma to their ranks. A variety of special promo bundles will be available to speed Seekers onto the spiritual battlefield.



  • Become a Seeker and see the truth behind the veil in this thrilling urban fantasy RPG
  • Harness the techno-mystical Code Atma app to harness the power of mythical beings
  • Fight smart – strategic mastery brings greater rewards than mindless grind
  • Discover a world of myth and mystery inspired by Southeast Asian folklore
  • Immerse yourself in a world of gorgeous hand-drawn characters and stunning Atma
  • Neon cities meet mystic realms – explore the bounds between technology and magic

Code Atma is out now across North American, European and MENA regions today. Head to Google Play or the App Store to download and play it today.