Upcoming MMO Frozen Flame Releases Latest Update

Epic open-world online survival fantasy RPG adds new spells, events, creatures, and more

Dreamside Interactive has revealed the latest features to arrive in the upcoming award-winning fantasy MMO Frozen Flame. Currently available for pre-order, which includes closed beta access, Frozen Flame is an open-world survival fantasy RPG. In the game’s latest update, players will get to experience a new event, spell effects, monsters, and more.

Set in the mythical world of Arkana, players in Frozen Flame are tasked with stopping the calamity that has befallen the world. The curse of the Frozen Flame has set the world’s destruction in motion. The lands of Arkana are vast and varied, and players will face a multitude of environments and creatures as they seek out needed power to stop the curse from spreading.

While adventuring in Arkana, players may choose to amass power for themselves or group with allies. The latest update brings new ways for players to interact and aid one another. Players will now be able to cast helpful spells on their allies, making it easier to overcome the obstacles of Arkana or other players.

Alongside the new function of helpful spells, players will find help in the form of airdrops. Marked by a pillar of light in the world, airdrops will contain loot that players can collect while in the Ancient Valley. Airdrops will appear at random intervals, but players may need to be wary as the beacon will alert all those around of the potential spoils.

Additional features arriving in the latest update of Frozen Flame include:

  • New monster – players will now encounter ghosts when in abandoned villages after night has fallen.
  • New spells – stoneskin, slowdown, and chain lightning have been added.
  • Changing world – The Chronos Shield barrier has become impassible. Players wishing to travel to the Ancient Valley will now need to venture to the center of The Cradle of Keepers and seek out the portal to the valley.
    Tooltip improvement – players can now see the effect a food dish will have on their character in the tooltip without having to consume the food.

Players can join the fight to save Arkana and be part of the ongoing development of Frozen Flame by pre-ordering the game on the official site or can check out the game’s demo on Steam. To stay up to date on the latest news for Frozen Flame visit the game on FacebookTwitter, or VK. To meet other players in Arkana, join the official Discord here.