EK®, the leading computer cooling solutions provider, will present its newest products and innovations at the 3rd EK EXPO. The event will be held virtually and feature information from the four main product lines inside EK (EK Fluid Works, EK Fluid Gaming, EK Quantum, and EK AIO). Audiences can expect to be given a detailed walkthrough of new products, their advancements, and what to expect from EK in the future.

EK EXPO Computex 2021 will officially start on June 1st and run until June 4th, 2021. The event will commence at 7:00 pm CEST with a special message from the founder, Edvard König, who will share his personal thoughts on this year’s EXPO. Afterwards, each product line will have a chance to present their respective products and innovations.

New EK Quantum Line Possibilities  

Multiport and crossflow radiators, Magnetic Levitation Fans, a patent-pending ExactMount mechanism, and a redesigned cooling engine for both CPU and GPU water blocks.

Matrix7 System 

A product raster that is bound to set a new standard in PC liquid cooling. Build liquid-cooled PCs as easily as with toy blocks.

New Line of EK AIOs 

The newest line of AIO coolers is prepared to handle the future evolution of CPUs’ platforms and offer a new level of customization options.

New in EK Fluid Gaming  

A new ultra-quiet, fully liquid-cooled, pre-built gaming PC in a new small form factor that requires zero maintenance.

New in EK Fluid Works  

Meeting marketing demand with high-performance, server-grade computers that feature up to 4 liquid-cooled GPUs in a compact or rack-mountable form to fit consumer needs.

In addition to the founder’s keynote speech, there will be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) livestream on June 4 at 7:00 pm CEST. It is an opportunity for cooling enthusiasts to pose questions to EK experts. The following experts will be present during the AMA:

  • Attila Gobor, Custom Loop Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • Jaka Klemenčič, Head of Easy Cooling BU
  • Aleksander Djoković, Head of Mainstream BU
  • Sandi Logar, Head of Enterprise BU

“IT technology is relentlessly advancing, but that is not the only thing. There is also heat as a byproduct. Our passion is developing innovations which can tackle those challenges. If you are a computer enthusiast or IT professional, we have solutions that will make your life easier. So let’s start EK Expo. Better. Faster. Cooler.” – Edvard König, Founder of EK