Untitled By Eito Is Out Now

MC Eito is back with another jam with his latest single “Untitled” from his latest EP While Your Were Sleeping. You are taken back to a time where the beat is marinated through an underground vision. Untitled speaks on numerous views from Eito and includes a list of wants, needs and accomplishments. You fly into the zone when you listen to the latest jam from Eito.

Come on aboard and listen now!

Listen here:

Get his new EP While You Were Sleeping on August 23rd

Press Release:

Pittsburgh-based Eito knows hip-hop is a thinking man’s sport. A student of how music travels and evolves, his work bridges the gaps between past and present, regional soundscapes and world views.

His upbringing wasn’t easy, in and out of group homes and foster homes around the DC-area for decades, but he made up his mind early on that nothing could hold him back. He absorbed the punk, house and boombap hip hop scenes and was soon renown as a force to be reckoned with in rap battles around the city. It wasn’t long before he knew his way around the studio, creating sophisticated sonic colleges that would come to define his sound.