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Unruly Heroes Highly Recommended All Around the World

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March 29th, 2021 | Magic Design Studios and Perfect World Games are thrilled to report Unruly Heroes is Highly Recommended in the App Store and Google Play! On the first day of its release, Unruly Heroes won critical acclaim from players with various cultural backgrounds, and became one of the most recommended games in Google Play and the App Store!

This isn’t the first time Unruly Heroes has received this level of attention. When the game was first announced, its unique art style and engaging experience earned it nominations for Best Art Design, Best Action, and Most Anticipated New Game of the Year at various international game festivals organized by Unity, TIGA, and other world-renowned platforms! On the eve of its release, the game earned highly recommended status by reputable game media outlets such as Pocketgamer, Gamekult, and Android Headlines, attracting gamers from around the world to embark on a fantastical journey in the East!

Unruly Heroes winning over players around the world shows that its development team, composed of the best talents in the global gaming industry, has the ability to bring classic Eastern stories to a global audience!

Unruly Heroes is inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West and seamlessly blends traditional Chinese culture and Western aesthetics into an all-new combat experience. Unruly Heroes is a premium title and can be downloaded for $1.99 via Google Play and the App Store in any one of 168 nations around the world.

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About Magic Design Studios

Founded in 2015, the Magic Design Studio focuses on the creation of high-quality entertainment content. The core project team has solid experience in the video game industry. A lot of the team members have worked on titles such as Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends, Prince of Persia Series, Assassin’s Creed, and etc,. After first released on Steam, NS, Xbox in 2019, Unruly Heroes received extensive favorite reviews from critics, media and won many big awards, including Annie Awards 2020, IndieCade Europe 2019, and TIGA Games Industry Awards in 2019 and so on.

About Perfect World Games

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Introduction: Perfect World Investment & Holding Group is a global leading entertainment industry group with Perfect World Co., Ltd. (002624) as its listed arm. The group has introduced its products into over 100 countries and regions around the world, with a principal focus on the countries and regions in North America, Europe and Asia. The company has established dozens of offices in its home market, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hainan Province, as well as over 20 offices in several countries, among them, the U.S., the Netherlands, France, South Korea and Japan. In addition to strategic investments in literature and media, Perfect World Investment & Holding Group is now involved in business segments including movies & TV, games, e-sports, cinemas, animation, education, and business-oriented internet products.


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