Undying Review

Undying is a survival horror game like no other I have ever played. you start the game bit from a zombie and must teach your son how to live. A huge task in teaching a lifetime of skills when your clock is winding down. All while keeping yourself healthy to slow down your fate.


The controls are easy to use and simple to learn. The game is full of challenges one would face at the end of the world like finding water, food, and medicine as well supplies to make items. All while teaching your kid how to do things. You must learn to ration your food and water for the two of you. The in-game health debuff you must deal with each day due to your bite adds an element of stress to the gameplay.


It looks great and the version, I got to play is not the fully done version. So I know it will look amazing.


I really enjoyed playing this game a heavy game if you think about the story. Think about it your teaching your son to live without you knowing you are dying. The real feel of needing the basics to live and fend for your son and a real level of realness to the game. I give this one an 8.5 out of ten for the story and gameplay it locks you in the game and you feel her destress know what is to come. My only issue was the targeting of the zombies sometimes would not lock on and would be swinging with my back to zombie not good for one’s in-game health. A game horror fans should give a try. Out now on Steam