Celebrating 35 years of Robotech, UDON is proud to Introduce a brand new Robotech Collectible Pin series like nothing you have seen before! The brand new ROBOTECH JUMBO CHARACTER PINS are making their ReedPop Metaverse debut, available now at UDONPins.com!

Series 1 include fan favorites Rick Hunter, Lynn Minmei, Lisa Hayes, and Roy Fokker from the Macross Saga.  These oversize pins are between 5.5 to 6 inches in size (yes, they are HUGE!), and they are made of jewel-like cloisonné hard enamel with multiple complex silk screen process to ensure the cel-shading and details are fully realized on each pin.  All artwork are based on the original design sheets by Huruhiko Mikimoto.

Moreover, the packaging of these pins are specially designed to replicate the blister card of the original Robotech action figures from the 80’s by Matchbox and Harmony Gold!  We even recreated the back of the card with the character bio cut-out!  Each pin is packaged in a collector friendly resealable blister shell.

Each pin is limited to only 350 copies and are available at udonpins.com as single characters or as a set of 4, while supplies last!

Our Robotech Lisa Hayes Jumbo Pin next to the actual Lisa Hayes
action figure inspiration!
The Robotech Macross Valkyrie Fighter Pin Set is available at UDONPins.com now! Choose from VF-1J (3 styles), VF-1S, and VF-1A! VF-1D is ONLY available when you buy the set of 6, while supplies last!
Our very first UDON X ROBOTECH pins feature the popular characters from the Super Dimension Cavalry! Collect all the ROBOTECH – SOUTHERN CROSS CHARACTER HELMET COLLECTOR’S PINS – including Dana Sterling (aka Jeanne Fránçaix in Japan), Marie Angel, Lana Isavia, Charles De L’Étoile, and Bowie Grant (Emerson in Japan).Buy the full set & receive the Paul helmet variant, previously ONLY available as a Lucky Draw pull! Choose your set or buy the helmet you need at UDONPins.com!

UDON has also rolled out select fan favorites to udonpins.com and will continue to add brand new products on a regular basis! The best way to stay up to date is to join the UDON Pins Official Facebook Group!  Exclusive news and previews will be announced first in the group so join today to get the latest details on your favorite pin properties!  JOIN NOW! 
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