TURN UP THE MUSIC, is the final release from FUTURE RADIO’s debut album, FREEDOM

Friday, 12 March 2021 (SOUTH AFRICA) – TURN UP THE MUSICis the final release from FUTURE RADIO’s debut album, FREEDOM. The song celebrates the unifying power of music.

The track seamlessly fuses elements of rock, funk, punk and rap. Through combining the various cross-genre elements the musical content directly promotes the main theme. Lyrically, the song warns about the dangers of consumerism and materialism and prescribes love and music as the antidote. TURN UP THE MUSIC also includes a thunderous guitar solo followed by a chant-like bridge section.

“Our debut album dealt with some fairly weighty issues and TURN UP THE MUSIC resembles the lighter side of things,” states Johnny Future, the frontman and songwriter of FUTURE RADIO. “Even though the song has a message, I think it is important to sometimes just have fun. I wrote the chorus specifically with the idea in mind that people can sing along,” he explains.

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The music video for TURN UP THE MUSIC will also be the second last episode of season 1, FREEDOM. In this episode, the viewer will finally find out if the protagonist was able to successfully follow his dream. Drikus Roets, visual artist and FUTURE RADIO co-founder, mentions that the song’s lyrics perfectly match the character’s predicament. “I think as artists we are often caught between staying true to our passion and earning a living. In a consumer-driven society, it is not always easy to stay true to your path, and this is the exact crisis that our protagonist faces,” Drikus remarks.

FUTURE RADIO is back in studio recording their second album, which is scheduled for release in August 2021. Until then, they plan to release three carefully selected cover songs that all tie in with the concept of Freedom.

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