Crew up with Misfits and Mercenaries in a Battle for Survival and Supremacy in a Post-apocalyptic Wasteland

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – November 9th, 2020 – Independent developer and publisher Fatshark today announced that the post-apocalyptic turn-based game Dreadlands, developed by Blackfox Studios, is now leaving Early Access and the full version is now available on Steam.

Set in a living post-apocalyptic shared world players can explore Dreadlands by travelling across its many regions with their misfit gang of miscreants and mercenaries. This is a world where players frequently encounter and interact with each other, sometimes they cooperate, other times they’ll pick bloody fights in bloody PvP battles where resources and combat skills will be tested to their fullest. Tactics cards add a strategic layer of abilities to the ensuing engagements, these cards are powerful, and can do everything from instantly reviving downed teammates, to giving an ally an extra attack which could make all the difference between death and survival in a brutal world.

Gang Factions have their own distinct backgrounds, worldview, mentality, culture and of course, current problems that have to be dealt with. Once a crew is picked, the gameplay will thrust the player deeper into the lore, it’s intrigues and many entities that vie for power, or merely survival, in the world of Dreadlands. The full release of Dreadlands will introduce a new gang faction to the game in the form of the Skarbacks.

“During the three years the game has been in development, we have had multiple beta versions that have been played by thousands of players and the community’s feedback in Early Access has hugely helped us shape the game to where we think it’s now ready for full launch,” said Peter Nilsson, Founder, and Creative Director Blackfox Studios.

Dreadlands recent updates have incorporated enhancements across several areas of the game during its Early Access period, including Improvements to the games U.I for a more streamlined flow, levelling improvements with passive and active skills, weapon balancing and the ability to upgrade weapons or re-roll their traits at the workshop. Dreadlands has also undergone a huge visual overhaul to environments and encampments within the game, providing more detail and contrast to the game.

Dreadlands launches on Steam with a 20% launch discount available for one week.

Dreadlands Features

Choose a Faction
Create your gang from any of the three rival factions inhabiting Dreadlands. The Scrappers, the Tribe-kin, and the Skarbacks.

40+ Hours of story content
All playable Gang Factions have their own Story campaign. The storyline will introduce the player to the faction’s worldview, mentality, culture and of course, current problems that have to be dealt with.

Once the Gang Faction campaign is completed, the Main Story campaign will be unlocked. The Main Campaign will thrust the player deeper into the lore, intrigue and many entities vying for power, or merely survival, in the Dreadlands.

Tactics card system
Use the unique Tactics powers and combine them in exciting ways. Play your cards right and you can control the flow of battle itself!

Free Action Point system
Freely move, attack and use abilities any way you want. Move and shoot? Shoot and move? Shoot twice? It’s up to you to decide how to best use your Action Points!

Morale system
Engage in the tug-of-war Morale system that allows you to break the hearts & minds of your enemies. In the Dreadlands there is more to battle than just killing!

XP challenges system
Get more direct control over your gangs XP flow by completing in-match challenges for increased XP and award your personal MVP with even more XP. Your own skill translates to more XP!

Endless Dungeon
Fight against increasingly more difficult enemies and Bosses in pursuit of Glow, Dreadlands rare resource in the Endless Dungeon. Keep an eye out for the mad glow merchant and their rare wares!

About Blackfox Studios

Blackfox Studios is an indie studio founded in 2017 and located in Södermalm, the creative quarter of central Stockholm, Sweden. The studio  is comprised of experienced and skilled developers, all sharing the passion and affection about turn-based games. Blackfox Studios mission is to bring the turn-based genre into the online world, making every action and battle you take part in meaningful and engaging. www.blackfoxstudios.se 

About Fatshark

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and established in 2007 independent developer Fatshark is comprised of a team of 100+ experienced games developers, who strive to create compelling interactive experiences. Apart from Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, the team has previously developed titles including Lead and Gold, Krater and War of the Roses. For more information, visit www.fatsharkgames.com