TUNE IN | The Better Podcast Episode 8 | Emmy Award-Winning TED LASSO Co-Ep Liza Katzer

Tune in today, December 2, to hear Episode 8 of The Better Podcast featuring Emmy award-winning TED LASSO co-executive producer Liza Katzer. Joe chats with Liza about about her path to becoming an Emmy-winning producer of the hit series: from the hustle of working at Management 360 and UTA, to making movies at Disney to making the leap into comedy and becoming VP of Development over at Doozer (working with Bill Lawrence and Jeff Ingold.) Liza shares insight into how Ted Lasso came into being, what it has taught her and why it is having the impact that it is having. Joe and Liza also talk about the intersection of sport and art: how athletes can learn vulnerability from artists, and a team mentality can help artists to realize they are not alone, they are a part of a greater whole. Ultimately, they explore how she deals with the disappointments that are inevitable within our industry, how embracing pivots has supported long-term success as well as how finding her voice and listening to her gut led her to this moment.

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