TUNE IN // The Backstory with Jason Bentley Episode 4: Terence Blanchard & Kemp Powers

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Tune in today, January 5, to hear Episode 4 of The Backstory hosted by Jason Bentley, featuring Terence Blanchard (Musician, Composer, DA 5 BLOODS, BLACKKKLANSMAN, ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI) and Kemp Powers (Playwright, Screenwriter, Director, SOUL, ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI).

Watch episode clips HERE:

Terence Blanchard and Kemp Powers discuss the impact of Spike Lee: https://youtu.be/BEfY1I8D8nM 

Terence Blanchard discusses artists, creativity and healing: https://youtu.be/8sS3q7dRZIo 

Kemp Powers and Terence Blanchard talk about their responsibility as Black artists: https://youtu.be/4itIOu_LB-Y 

Bentley, former host of KCRW’s award-winning program Morning Becomes Eclectic, invites listeners to candid conversations between the innovators and creatives who shape our culture. The guests-thinkers, artists and tastemakers from across the worlds of film, music, politics and beyond-reveal what drives them and what inspires them, through never-before-told stories about their personal histories and the projects that brought them professional acclaim. The Backstory’s first episode peaked at #25 on Apple Podcasts.


The Backstory is brought to you by 101 Studios in partnership with Soho House, with the support of D’USSÉ Cognac. Sullivan Doh, D’USSÉ’s global brand ambassador and premier mixologist will create custom cocktails inspired by episodes from the podcast. Listeners can find the recipes included in the episode descriptions or can watch a step-by-step tutorial on D’USSÉ’s social channels (@DusseCognac).