You are currently viewing Trust introduces its new Fyru 258W PS5 edition 4-in-1 USB microphone and GXT 241 Velica USB microphone, offering professional recording and streaming options

Trust introduces its new Fyru 258W PS5 edition 4-in-1 USB microphone and GXT 241 Velica USB microphone, offering professional recording and streaming options

LONDON, 18th May 2021: Leading value-for-money digital lifestyle accessories brand, Trust Electronics Ltd, is pleased to introduce its GXT 258W Fyru 4-in-1 PS5 edition in the UK whilst still offering consumers a more affordable option with the launch of the GXT 241 Velica USB microphone. The multifunctional GXT 258W Fyru comes in a stunning white colour and allows users to stream content smoothly in the highest and purest sound quality with 4 different recording patterns, whilst the GXT 241 Velica is perfect for streaming, podcasts, vlogs and voice-overs. The Trust Gaming 258W Fyru 4-in-1 PS5 Streaming Microphone is available from Amazon for £119.99 and the GXT 241 Velica from Amazon for only £49.99.

GXT 258W Fyru USB 4-in-1 Streaming Microphone PS5,900

Whether recording a podcast, a music track or streaming a gaming session, the GXT 258W Fyru’s multi-purpose microphone is able to pick up every sound in exceptional quality. Now available in white to complement the PS5 setup, the Fyru is a plug and play USB microphone so as well as looking the part when connected to the console, it will also work on PCs, Laptops and MacBooks for that extra flexibility.

With four different recording patterns, the microphone accommodates solo streaming as well as group interviews or stereo music recordings. The microphone’s internal pop filter will also even filter out unwanted background sounds for even smoother results and real clarity on the desired recording.,800,800

The Fyru multi-purpose microphone with its robust design, is both stylish and durable. The metal grille front gives it a sturdy feel, and the tripod stand guarantees optimal stability for streaming or recording sessions. With the universal screw mount, users will be able to easily mount the Fyru to any compatible microphone arm as well. It also features adjustable LED lighting to allow users to light their recordings in 5 different colors.

To ensure the best possible recordings, the Fyru features a zero-latency headphone monitoring port. The easily accessible port allows users to listen to any recordings on headphones, with the focus being on the sound on the targeted recording. Settings can be changed using the microphone gain, mute and headphone volume knobs on the front of the microphone.

GXT 241 Velica USB Microphone,900

At just £49.99, the Velica microphone represents great quality with its USB adapter for high-quality, distortion-free digital audio and crystal-clear recordings. The cardioid recording pattern reduces background noises, ensuring only the voice is being recorded. The included pop filters makes annoying pop sounds (like P’s and B’s) a thing of the past, to ensure recordings sound professional, without the need for excessive editing even when talking to teammates during gaming. The versatile microphone is an ideal option for anyone looking to record music, stream, make podcasts or do voice-overs.

The housing of the microphone, as well as the included stand, are completely made of metal to give a premium feel, while protecting the insides of the microphone as well. To complete the list of features, the Velica has a microphone mute button on the back, giving users ease of mind when not in use.,800,800

The Velica is also equipped with a tripod stand and makes it possible to adjust the angle of the microphone, allowing use of the microphone easily in the most comfortable way possible. The shock proof design allows users to enjoy tremble-free recordings as the condenser microphone’s shock mount neutralises surface tremors meaning even typing sounds won’t travel up the microphone stand.

Thanks to the 1.8m cable, the Velica can be placed anywhere and for those looking for more mobility the microphone can also be used without the tripod, by simply holding the microphone whether vlogging, gaming or on a video call.

On both microphones, aside from the professional recording and streaming options, ease of use is the game changer. By simply connecting the microphones to a PC or laptop, users will be right on track to record their podcast, songs or kick off a streaming session on YouTube, Twitch or Facebook.

The Trust Gaming GXT 258W Fyru 4-in-1 Streaming Microphone is available now on Amazon for at an RRP of £119.99

The Trust GXT 241 Velica USB Microphone is available from Amazon for only £49.99

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