TROVE is Expanding Downward with Delves

TROVE is Expanding Downward with Delves
Players will really dig this all-new game mode
Trove: Delves Teaser Trailer

Hamburg, Germany May 5, 2020 | gamigo is proud to announce that its popular voxel MMO Trove will be giving players an all-new game mode called Delves later this spring. Players will thrill digging into Delves with endless procedurally generated combat tailored to match their personal power level.

Trove’s Delves update will give both seasoned veterans of the game and new players a chance to forget about the surface world for a while. Whether they have hours to spare or as little as fifteen minutes, intrepid spelunkers can dive into Trove’s newly discovered cave systems. Players can simply queue up for a Public Delve or create a Private Delve to get started. Each Delve, whether public or private, poses its own, unique challenge for up to eight players to solve before they can match up against a fearsome end boss opponent. If lucky enough to win in time, the party can continue delving and overcoming increasingly difficult odds!

As with all good things in Trove, with great risk comes great reward. Popular challenge rewards formerly earned by completing Shadow Tower challenges have been moved to Delves and a new tier of gear (Crystal 4) awaits discovery.

The Delves update brings even more exciting changes to the game. For instance, the Tomb Raiser class has been enhanced and overhauled for pure soul-summoning combat power. Players can experience this and more once Delves launches!

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