Troll Inc film Review

Troll Inc by director George Russell is an inside look at the world of trolling and hacking. Troll Inc follows the story of Andrew Avemheimer aka “weev”. The film follows the rise of trolls in the cyber world and how media plays into the troll game for views. I feel as in current times “fake news” the trolls may be the root where this all started in my opinion. Troll Inc covers the start of some famous troll groups and the origins of some as stated in the film terrorist groups in the eyes of the law. The film follows the Apple, Att hack truly more of a loophole found by Weev in the Ipad a few years back. Truly was a huge miss-step at the time by them. However, the way it was found and reported lead to the backlash. I was hooked in by this film and the story that was being told and the effects on Weev live. From facing prison time and how much the FBI was tracking him that lead to the unfair trial location. To the time it took for his appeal. There’s a lot in this film than just trolls it touches on so much of how the powers that be want to censor us and knowledge. How truly are information is really never safe.

Troll Inc is for anyone who is in too hacking, trolling and wants to know the other side of the media stories. Troll Inc will not let you down be sure to check it out.