Train Like Ash With Toynk’s Pokemon 3D Mug

Pokemon trainers all around the world train their monsters as much as possible. They don’t know when the next fight will be, and they want to make sure they are ready. Well how about the trainers? Will they be hydrated with enough energy to make sure their monster is successful? Well Toynk has got your back on that with a limited edition Pokemon 3D mug that will make any Ash Ketchum trainer ready for action.

This is an officially licensed 3D sculpted Pikachu mug that is offered by Toynk. This mug is made from yellow ceramic so you know it holds any beverages. Hot or cold? Doesn’t matter for this Pokemon Trainer. You won’t need a Pokeball to capture this mug, you can get your very own mug here:

This Pokemon trainer added her own blend of drinks to help her be a better trainer for her little monsters. Her monsters are excited to see how energized she is when she drinks from her very own Pikachu Cup. You can add your own blend of drink inside the cup and upgrade your own monster when filled. Pikachu doesn’t mind that you sip from him, he will be excited and ready win the battles.

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