Toynk Mystery Box Review And Unboxing

Comic Cons and Expos have some of the coolest items out there to purchase and they are collectible to a geek’s eye. One of the companies out there that is taking the mystery box collectible by storm is Toynk. They have some of the coolest designed boxes with some awesome products in there as well. 

They are well famous at comic cons and expos for having their mystery boxes with some cool items in there that is not only random but also collectible. We were able to see them at San Japan and see all the cool boxes they had at the event. They had long lines as many people went out of their way to look and check out the boxes they had at the event.


One of the newest attractions Toynk had at San Japan was these huge Nintendo Controller boxes. I saw a lot of people at San Japan carrying these boxes around and I had my curiosity going wild as I was wanting to know what is inside the boxes. In my mind, I kept on dreaming that inside these boxes could be anything Nintendo related with some cool random items. We weren’t able to check out what was inside the box at the event, but the mystery engulfs us a we think what it could be inside.

When you are out at comic cons and expos and see these banners around the area, go out there and get yourself a mystery box. Do you want to know the next event they are going to? Here is the SCHEDULE they have on their website and see when they are coming to a city near you. You can also check out their TOYNK WEBSITE HERE and check out the cool items they have online.

Here is our unboxing of one of the mystery boxes!



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  1. HI I got one of your mystery boxes today at pax and got a anchor man figure without the figure just wondering if it came with a figurine at all

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