Toshiba 43 inch LED Full HD Fire TV Edition Review

The window shopping technique for a new TV is difficult nowadays due to not being able to be safe in a store. This then required proper research on various sites to find a TV that not only matches you but matches what you would see in a store. So I got on my laptop and my cell phone and searched various sites to find something that would intrigued my interest.

I was able to land this TV from the Best Buy website quite fast when searching! They were able to allow me to pay online and then have the TV shipped to my home free of charge. I was able to get this TV very quickly and safely to my home. I have to say that this was my first tv in about 10 years, so my eyes may have those glitz and glam on them at the moment.

Here is the review:


  • Built in Fire stick
    • I love my fire stick as I have everything on there such as Prime Video, HBO MAX, Netflix, Disney +, and many more. This TV is a smart TV but not like others I have seen in the past. This one has a firestick built into the TV and uses the remote from the fire stick. I’m now able to watch my shows from those apps but also watch over the air TV as well.
  • Good Audio
    • I didn’t sync my sound bar to the TV as I wanted to see how the sound compares without it. The sound on the TV feels like I’m in a theater. You hear the bass and various sounds that even my sound bar doesn’t showcase. I haven’t even pushed the volume hard, been at the 11 to 13 setting while watching my movies.
  • Wireless
    • I’m used to having my router near my electronics to get the best strength of the internet. This TV is wireless and yet still gets the fastest internet. I don’t even get this speed from my iPhone or Xbox while they are both on wireless settings. I’m able to click on HBO MAX app and then get into a movie in a mere seconds. Astonishing!
  • Smart TV
    • I always wanted to own a smart Tv and this one is pretty smart. Ehh I do have jokes haha. Anyways, with this TV, your able to use HBO MAX, Netflix, Prime Video, and much more. They stream very smooth on the TV like your on your cellphone or PC.



Rating: 9 out of 10

Toshiba is a name that resonates with Television and having the best technology out there. This TV is no joke… pretty damn good! My family and I fight to see who gets to watch on theTV as it is so clear and magnificent. I always wanted a Smart TV and this tv was no let down. The audio was crisp, the video was clear and the wireless internet is pretty fast. I am able to enjoy my shows like it was just like on my fire stick and nothing has changed except I now have a better TV to showcase it.

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