Toronto native RSY brings back cinematic R&B with her debut single Doubt

22-year-old singer, RSY proves R&B is alive and well with her melodic show-stopping first single Doubt. The Toronto artist brings listeners a moving track focused on the fear of letting go and moving on from past lovers. Her warm tone and poetic lyrics offer a nostalgic feeling made for any listening experience and every listener’s enjoyment.


RSY’s debut single, Doubt, grapples with truth and vulnerability. After walking away from her own personal romantic struggles, RSY shares with listeners her contemplation moments over her decision and the consequences that follow cutting someone out of your life. Her empathetic lyrics, vocalize romantic misery through strong storytelling and ambient melodies.

RSY is an R&B soul singer songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. Her love for music connects deeply to the years of poetry she began writing in her early years. Studying criminology has encouraged RSY to understand and analyze the behaviours and actions of others. Through her enchanting lyrics, listeners can paint a picture of a woman who has struggled with relationship regrets. RSY began writing music and making beats as a form of self expression to share everything she has learnt and everything she wants to learn. After years of making music for the likes of family and friends, RSY has leaped into the music scene with a single paving a new sound to Toronto R&B, and bringing a bold authenticity rarely seen from young women.


Experience the sounds of RSY with her first single Doubt on all-streaming platforms.

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