Top Musicians That SHOULD Be Featured on Vevo

Music these days are gateways for listeners to be taken into another world where they can rest at ease or tear up their book shelf with emotion. The radio station these days aren’t providing fans with a playlist of music that can be enjoyed over and over again. The new artists these days are not only tearing up the charts but they are opening listener’s ears to new sounds of enjoyment.

Vevo is a place to provide musicians not only a stage to showcase their music but provides more avenues for them to hone their craft. With their list of musicians growing, we like let Vevo know about a few names we have came across and enjoy their craft as an artist.

Below are a few musicians that we have been jamming hard to their music either on Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud or other venues to find music. We would love for Vevo to include these musicians into their growing list of musicians showcased on their platform!

Here are the Musicians 

(in no particular order)

Mollie Blanco

The Spring Break Legend herself!


Showcasing powerful straight up music that will have you singing along! 

Kingdom Collapse

Tearing up the charts on every music listening service!


$tiff Barbie

Cutting Off Boyfriends Heads since 2009



Hypnotizing listeners with their amazing music videos and badass music

Trilly Polk

Shining them shoes and keeping that bow tie straight!

Jupiter Grey

Artist on a Mission to change the world with one single at a time!

Emma G

Making the World a better place with her voice and strength


Kendra & The Bunnies

Taking the veil off of listeners ears and giving them an experience of a lifetime!

Tiga Maine

Showcasing the music and artists from South Africa in all aspects of his music!