Top Day 1 Panels from Comic Con at Home 2021

Yesterday, we saw a ton of amazing panels showcased on Youtube during Comic Con at Home 2021! I know many people are still deciding what was their favorite panels they had watched. I know a lot more people are trying to find a panel that they could enjoy and watch right on the couch. Well, we have created a brief list of panels we enjoyed watching on Friday July 23rd. This list is picked by our team of some of the coolest information showcased as well as something fun to sit down and diverge into!

Here are some of our favs we enjoyed watching:

Amazon Panel

Netflix Geeked Fear Street Trilogy Panel


Paramount + Peak Animation Panel


Mattel and WWE Elite Squad Panel


Native Americans In Pop Culture with Taboo


Batman: The Long Halloween Part 2 Panel


Rick and Morty Panel


Todd Mcfarlane Takes Over the Universe Panel


Abolishing Traditional Ideas of Latinas through Latina Superheroes


Destination Fear: Tales from Route 666 Panel