Top 5 Twitch Streamers To Watch 2020

As a fan of Twitch, I love to watch other streamers stream games and showcase their personalities. Many streamers are indulging fans with their hobbies for viewers and communities to watch. We scoured through Twitch to watch a tremendous amount of  creators as well as view people’s recommendations for streamers on Twitter. Here are a few that we saw that we believe will grow into huge Twitch streamers in a course of time. Their personalities are fun to watch and their communities are welcoming and fun.

In this article, we will highlight our picks of Twitch Streamers to watch! These are our opinions, so if you don’t agree with them then its ok, but give those streamers a chance and watch their streams before you make your opinion voiced.

Here is OUR picks for 2020 for Twitch Streamers that YOU SHOULD be watching in 2020.

Top 5 Twitch Streamers to Watch in 2020


Want to feel like your drinking a beer with a buddy as he tells you an old war story? Well that is how it feels to be in Spitcup’s Twitch streams. You feel like you are in the action with him as he takes on the world in his streams. I enjoy the small things he does on stream such as talking to his children and laughs with them while continuing to stream. His multitasking is daunting yet exhilarating. So get your helmet on, grab a beer or two and jump into the nearest fox hole to view SPITCUP.

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Beer Reviews? Food Reviews? Art? Drawing? Twitch Duets? What else can Loonatiiic do? Well she is an amazing person that showcases her hobbies and talents for all to view. She is from Europe but streams like she is from the United States. Her community is well versed on Loona’s antics and even encourages her to have fun and excel at her projects. You will not be disappointed when you view Loonatiiics streams as they are something that you feel like your apart of.

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A group of geeks coming together and just streaming some games! Well why not! Van Helsing and the GeekFather stream games such as XCom, Uncharted and more to their fans. Geekvengers have been together for over 8 years showcasing the latest in geek culture to fans all around the world. Now they are letting those same fans take the trip with them to see their gaming tastes and get an education lesson in those games while viewing.

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Quasars Arcade

Want to know more about pinball and arcade gaming? Well you came to the right place; Quasars Arcade is a Corpus Christi, TX based retro gaming location that serves the best in arcade and pinball gaming. With the current situation going on, the owner has stepped up and brought arcade and pinball gaming to the masses on Twitch. Quasars Arcade has been streaming their owner playing a certain pinball machine on each stream and gives fun facts throughout the stream. You will see some classics there as well as some pinball machines that you will sweat for!

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Rising from the ashes of Mixer, former Mixer Partner ILLL_KAT has taken Twitch by storm. Her COD gaming is fun and adventurous but her Thursday DJ Sets have been phenomenal. Her community is very engaging and encourages fun streams. She has brought what was fun and good of Mixer into her Twitch streams! Check her out ASAP!

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Don’t like our picks? Let us know in the comments on who you are watching!