Todd’s Fun Adventure During Comicpalooza 2021


After the cancellation of Comicpalooza 2020 it was finally back this year in 2021! The normally three-day event was condensed to just a two-day event due to Covid still going on. This event was just as popular as ever though. With great celebrity guests like Ming-Na Wen, Christopher Sabat, Ron Perlman, and Danny Trejo just to name a few. With many great panels, works of art, cosplayers, and the car show this was still a great convention! Now I’m going to dive into my favorite things about the con this year.

This year they had small stages set up around the convention floor plus a bigger stage set up for the celebrities that were there for their panels. The smaller panels consisted on tips, and tricks on cosplays, how to create your own podcasts, and the different venues like Twitch, and many others that you can use to follow your favorite podcasts, and everything comic, and anime related. The bigger stages were set up to sit in on your favorite celebrities, and being able to ask the questions that you’ve always wanted to get answers on. My favorite was the DC panel with Michael Rosenbaum, David Ramsey, and Dominic Percell even though I caught the tail end of it they were still an absolute blast, and it was awesome hearing their stories on how they first caught the acting bug.

The celebrities were absolutely awesome they were all excited, and very happy to greet their fans after a long hiatus from Comicpalooza. Ming Na Wen was an absolute sweetheart, and had the biggest smile on her face. She even took a video of herself, and everyone waiting for her in line to post on her social media pages later. It was great seeing my friends again Michael Rosenbaum, and Christopher Sabat. Even if you weren’t there to get an autograph you could walk up to their table, and they would talk to you for a few minutes or longer (if you were lucky enough to be the only one at their table at the time).

The Cosplays, and Cars works of art in itself. The amount of work these people put into them were absolutely amazing. Had President Loki walking around with the alligator on his left hand, had a Harley Quinn spotting, and also Royality graced the Con as Princess Peach, and Daisy were in the building. The amount of art work that was on the cars was absolutely awesome! The detail of the wraps that they used were absolutely amazing. Had a truck wrapped in art work from the latest Mortal Kombat Movie, also some anime inspired designs like Dragon Ball Super, My Hero Acadamia, and Dragon Slayer. Also had Deadpool, Snake Eyes, and The Mandelorian as well.

My only con about Comicpalooza that it wasn’t the usually three-days but it’s one of those things that it was completely understandable with the current Covid situation that’s still going on even though most of the restrictions have been lifted in the state of Texas for those that have been vaccinated.

Overall, it was still a great Convention. It still drew a very large crowd for the two-days especially day one! This is one of the biggest comic book conventions in Texas, and is very highly recommended to at least come a few times. The people that run Comicpalooza put on a great show! If you are ever in the Houston Area next July (dates are to be announced probably end of 2021 or early 2022) come stop by, and check out the greatest Comic-Con that Houston has to offer!