Todd Mcfarlane Like Hell I Won’t Doc Review

The popcorn in the bowl was warm with jalapeno slices on the side.  The crisp alcoholic drink foamed to the top of my mug as it iced my soul from the day.  As the remote is my hand, I flip through various channels on my TV screen. I’m looking for that word, that familiar name, that will bring my day to the end.

I finally found it and click the button on my remote to take me the show, documentary, movie as many would call it. To me, its an educational piece on the comic book industry and taking a chance on yourself to prove to others that you are worth it!

My friends and I grew up on Todd Mcfarlane’s Spawn, his toys, video games and much more. We loved reading the issues of Spawn after school and seeing the artistic flow that Todd showcases. We would go to the local movie theater to watch Spawn the movie on many group gatherings. When we were growing up, we enjoyed Todd’s magic that he brought our childhood.  We didn’t realize how much Todd fought during the early days to make this happen. Throughout the documentary, Todd revealed a lot about himself and what went on throughout the years.

I enjoyed learning more about Todd in this education piece as he showed his ferocity throughout his projects. What amazed me the most was people holding back Todd, including Marvel. As a business man, when you see money, you continue to push what works. They did the opposite to him including many others as well and I’m just shocked. I’m very glad Todd and his fellow comic creators started Image which changed the comic industry as a whole. For Todd, that is a win that he needed but that didn’t stop there.

Todd reinvented the Toy Scene with Mcfarlane toys which made it fun to collect and play with toys again. I remember growing up with toys that I thought were very bland. Todd changed that around with a revolution in the toy industry by showcasing on what he wanted. I enjoy that mindset because you know what you like and many times you don’t see that out there. Instead of waiting for that, Todd went out with an idea which he wanted to establish to the world. The magic of his imagination gave the world a better toy scene to this day!

When I met Todd at New York Comic Con and while we interviewed him, one thing that stayed with me, is to do it. Just do it! If you have an idea on something, just do it. Don’t wait on the world to get that idea as well, you just go out and do it, if not, someone else will do it.

I will continue to pave the way with Drop The Spotlight and showcase ideas that many think is laughable. Those ideas will then be copied by others and then we will improve on those ideas to bring more light to the drive of success. Those laughable ideas will become norm in our industry, and I hope to change it more positive the way Todd has done in his industry.

Check out this documentary, watch it with your friends and family! Watch and see how believing in yourself and in your ideas can change the world.