Todd Mcfarlane collection at Wal-Mart

McFarlane Toys Participating in

Walmart’s Collector Con, Offering Exclusive Items

Growing up I have always held a special place in my heart and collection for Spawn, comic books, action figures, shoes, clothes you name it I had it. The tough part was finding a store that carried Spawn action figures back in the ’90s was an endeavor all in itself, back when ordering online was a distant thought and old toy stores such as Toys R’ Us, and K.B. Toys were your only sources.

However, the stress back then for collectibles is now a distant memory (more like a nightmare). Now collecting has become more mainstream and therefore bigger department stores are now opening their doors to not only to children’s toys but now collectibles like statues, Funko pops, amongst other collectibles. However, in my opinion, the most recent and most prominent is “McFarlane Toys”, yup the genius who brought our favorite comic book characters into physical reality has now teamed up with Wal-mart. The world-renowned toy company founded by Todd McFarlane announced an exclusive product online unveiling for Walmart as part of the retailer’s Collector Con which will launch on as of July 17th, 2020.

 As a continuation of Walmart’s collaboration with the notable collectible company, the partnership furthers the retailer’s commitment to the coveted collectible space and allows McFarlane Toys fans to have access to merchandise that would have otherwise retailed at San Diego Comic-Con. “McFarlane Toys is excited to be involved in Walmart’s first-ever online Collector Con,” said Todd McFarlane, legendary artist and CEO of McFarlane Toys. “I think it’s great to give all the fans the retail exclusive event experience that, in the past, was limited to only the fans that could attend conventions.

Hearing this warms my heart because growing up it was tough for me to find a Spawn figure I wanted much less afford to go to a convention but now, us as collectors have many ways that we can get ahold of these awesome items, and we owe it to the main man himself Todd McFarlane.