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Tobias – The Character Fear the Walking Dead Needs

I’m a big Walking Dead fan on AMC and love how they turned this comic book franchise into something that only a few people had the vision to support this idea.

The Walking Dead represents an epidemic that somehow many people find interesting because there either is a chance it could happen or a chance we as humans can’t survive with basic survival skills.

Tobias is a character on Fear the Walking Dead that represents a misunderstood teenager that can’t get a break in school. He is a shining diamond in a series that is represented by gore and failure in society.

Tobias has shown his instincts of planning early and learning about what is going on with the world to try and prepare himself in this situation. Many people don’t mind him or even pay him attention but he knows and with his knowledge he has saved himself and this show.

He is the hope everyone wants, the hope everyone needs, and the hope we all deserve when we see him, we see ourselves, struck with ideals and loneliness that we want to explore.

Tobias is the character we strive to be or known people to be. You can catch Tobias and his show on AMC on Sundays called Fear the Walking Dead and enjoy his character as he brings a light to the dark tunnel.

Editor / Writer / Producer For Drop the Spotlight