To Your Last Death Review

To Your Last Death is a twisted animated film with an all-star voice acting cast. Featuring Willam Shatner, Ray Wise, and Morena Baccarin, and Bill Moseley. Directed by Jason Axinn To Your Last Breath is a story of Miriam and her dysfunctional family of rich spoiled kids. As her father calls them all together for a meeting revealing his illness to his kids.

Just it is not just I am dying reveal it is an atonement for all their wrongdoing to him. Condemning each one to their death but a different hand is about to enter the game. Waking up in the hospital Miriam is given the chance to reenter the game with foreknowledge and a chance to save her family.

Not knowing what just happened she goes back in and in doing so changes the timeline of the game. She is trying to get her family out of the building to no avail. Calling out her father she changes the whole game setting off a new game with different outcomes. Now she will be faced by changes from the Gamemaster.

A twisted tale with a great story and the voice actors and actress made for a wild ride. A fan of horror films this one was one I was dying to see and it did not disappoint. The rivalry of the siblings and each one with daddy issues combines for a volatile mix. Trying to trust each other is not easy for them and adds to there trouble to survive. Give this one a watch and see what punishment they endure and how it ends for them.