TMNT 1990 Movie 30th Reunion

Finally, for the first time after 30 years the original cast and crew have come together to give the fans everything they have wanted and more. Recently a channel on YouTube had been announced by the one and only Judith Hoag (April O Neil) called, TMNT Movie 1990. This channel was going to be the center of having there 30 Anniversary Reunion for the live action film. This reunion was something special and I am happy to be able to share our experience with you.  


The TMNT Movie first released in theaters on March 30 1990 and turned out to be a box office hit and earned around $200 million. No one expected on the fan’s reactions though of the film. This movie turned out to be a Cult Classic and still stands tall amongst all other TMNT movies that were to release in the coming years.  


This reunion is filled with nostalgia, surprises, and even famous quote script reading from the actors themselves. It gave me goosebumps when Kevin Clash (Splinter) quoted his final line of the TMNT movie. I was even very surprised to see James Saito (The Shredder) make an appearanceUnfortunately, only 1 Turtle Voice Actor was able to make it but all the Suit Puppeteers did get to attend and tell us stories behind the scenes. I would also like to say wait till towards the end, you will not be disappointed 

As a treat to fan service, the cast got together and went through scenes and even preformed their parts in those scenes giving the viewer a nostalgic throwback and feel. Towards the end of the Pizza Party, we were given hope that this specific YouTube channel is going to be the primary base for more guest appearances and other surprises in the future.  So make sure that you follow there YouTube channel with the link down below.  

As a whole, this TMNT 30 Anniversary Reunion was an absolute nostalgic movie for all the old fans and new. I personally cannot believe 30 yrs have past and we are here to be able to see this special moment. Everyone felt and acted as if they picked up where they left off 30 yrs ago. Thank you for all the memories and for allowing everyone to be able to attend and see this special day. Cowabunga dudes and we will catch you on the next one!