tinyBuild opens up studio in Boise, Idaho 🌄

tinyBuild expands to Idaho in partnership w developer of Guts & Glory


Hi there,

We’ve just announced a partnership with HakJak, the developer of Guts & Glory to build a game development studio in Boise, Idaho.

We are hiring for Unity Programmers, 3D Game Artists, 3D Technical Artists, and Creative Writers to build a world class emergent gameplay IP.

About HakJak:

HakJak is the indie developer behind the smash hit game Guts & Glory – a  game about father and son riding their bicycle through obstacle courses of death, and other fun family experiences.

About tinyBuild

tinyBuild is a video game developer and publisher with 3 key locations: Seattle, Amsterdam, and Riga (Latvia). Known for bringing hit physics games to market such as Clustertruck, Guts & Glory, and the upcoming Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the company is partnering up with HakJak to build a world class studio in Boise, Idaho. The studio will focus on emergent gameplay and is already working on a proven intellectual property that’ll be revealed at a later date.

tinyBuild has been quietly opening up studios all around the world, most recently having relocated the development team behind Hello Neighbor from Voronezh, Russia, to the Amsterdam area of the Netherlands.

From Alex Nichiporchik, CEO:

I believe it’s increasingly important for smaller studios to come together and work on something that’s bigger than the sum of their parts. We’re seeing this consolidation happening in our business and across the industry. Smaller teams, or solo developers, are coming together to work on larger projects. Due to this we’re seeing an increased demand for producers which we’re hiring like crazy, and I’m extremely happy to have opportunities where we can build studios around talented individuals like HakJak. He’s developed Guts & Glory all by himself, and it was his first game – I can’t wait to tell everyone about what he’s now working on, and it will be a great case study where multiple companies came together to do something great.

We’ll be seeing more of this consolidation happen across the industry in the coming year, especially with nextgen consoles on the horizon.

So now whenever game developers pitch us games, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how we can make these games into franchises, into something that could live on 5 years from the initial game’s launch. Great franchises are sustainable, and live through time and console generations. That’s really what we’re building here at tinyBuild – something that would live on a decade from now.

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