TinyBuild Direct Streamrolls into 2021 With List of Games

Tinybuild is ripping off the sleeves of their favorite shirt to show off the new guns they have been working on. NO, I don’t mean actual guns but the guns that they can flex while talking about their next set of games. Tinybuild Direct is bringing fans a deeper look at what’s next for 2021! They have a list of good games that will shake you to your core and then also have you clapping with joy! Mixed emotions ehhh! Well come on and check out the games below and their trailers!

Here are the games:

Pigeon Simulator

Pigeon Simulator is  a‘ physics sand box rogue lite’ about the world’s most notorious birds and their quest for world domination

​Expedition Zero

Expedition Zero is a survival horror game set in the heart of rural Siberia. Use your engineering skills to confront flesh-eating monsters as the last survivor of a Soviet scientific expedition..

​Potion Craft

You play as an aspiring alchemist who had to leave their hometown, as you wander the land looking for a new place to stay you stumble upon an abandoned cottage. From the looks of it a wizard used to reside here long ago. You decide to make this your home and convert the place into a potion shop. That means it’s time for you to start your journey down The Alchemist’s Path, learn the secrets of potion making, and forge your own destiny to become the alchemist this town needs…

Despot’s Game

Despot’s Game is rogue-like tactics with turbo-charged battles. Build a team andsacrifice the heck out of them to rush through enemies… and other players!