You are currently viewing tightrope by Josh Tavares Music Video is out now!

tightrope by Josh Tavares Music Video is out now!

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Tightrope by Josh Tavares is out now but wait there is more… a music video as well! We are excited to check out the video for his latest song. We really enjoyed jamming to his track in the last article we had posted about Josh. We are glad the video has came out to give our imagination of how the song visually is displayed by Josh.

watch here:


There are a few songs on the album that are centred around one party with multiple character perspectives. It’s a motif I kind of hid through most of the songs. But tightrope is definitely about a person who wakes up the night after a party, maybe regretting some of the choices from the night before. 

don’t wanna be here in the morning when the lights come on, 

mistakes of the night before waking up to my alarm.

 I never realized how depressing that line sounds, but I promise it’s about a hangover.

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