Tiger King – Netflix Review

I haven’t traveled through any rabbit holes lately but with all this commotion of Joe Exotic and the documentary called Tiger King on Netflix, I decided to take my shirt off and binge watch this show. Quite honestly, I thought what I was going to watch was something funny yet intriguing because of the multiple meme’s being posted out there on social media. I was dead wrong!  These people’s lives being told on how things are handled today with exotic zoo’s, people’s beliefs, and how it all came crashing down.

The story starts off of a possibly venture for the documentary to expose mistreatment and selling of exotic animals but they were in for story of a lifetime. There is so much stories in this documentary that it took years to be told through multiple episodes. You watched how a man loved his animals and years later started a war against the activists that led him into a downward spiral.

You have an activist that started her own zoo to stop the mistreatment and selling of exotic animals, but in turn made her public enemy #1 with what she does throughout the series including the suspicious disappearance of her husband.

This review can’t be typed in in mere words, I say stop reading this review, and go to Netflix and watch this show. Period. Take the time to sit down and watch the stories come out, how the lives are intertwined, changed and misdirected through out the series.

Every picture speaks a 1000 words, but this story is much more than meme’s, its speaks to your soul on what you thought started out as being a informative story, turned into a bloody mess where the characters are still picking up the pieces of the aftermath.