Ticket to Ride: Boardgame Review by The Tabletop Crew

Ticket to Ride: Boardgame Review by The Tabletop Crew

This special edition of Boardgame Review is the first ever tabletop game review done by 3 members of The Tabletop Crew. Ticket to Ride was designed by Alan R. Moon, published by Days of Wonder, and multi-award winner in 2004. Here’s what each member had to say:



“Fun game for family and friends, great tabletop entry level game, and very easy to catch on to playing mechanics. I wish the little counter tokens could have been different train conductors or something similar to fit the theme better visually but overall the rest of the art and designs were terrific. If you’re looking to push your tabletop experience past the traditional Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Uno family & friend game nights this is a great entry everyone will enjoy.”


“The game was fun, simple, and a great introductory game for beginners and family looking to play a little something different than the average game night games. It can be a great game for adults as well that could be modified to include a drinking game aspect. All in all a great game for beginners to advanced that can be played by the rules and maybe some custom made rules.”

Mauro AKA Maverick

“Coming into this game as an experienced player of “Ticket to Ride” gave me a slight advantage. I knew how to win efficiently. However, this did not deter my opponents from staying in the fight until the bitter end. In the end I only outscored one of my opponents by 9 points, edging him out with the 10 bonus points for having the “Longest Path”. This speaks volumes about Ticket to Ride and how easy it is to master, making it a very approachable game for beginner tabletop gamers looking for a new challenge that won’t be overwhelming.