Thy Creature First Impression

Thy Creature is an adventure game with a dark side where you play as a creature trying to fight for his life. Born different and not understood he is hunted like an animal. His half-human half-animal looks put a target on his back. Leading him to flee to a mysterious tower where he finds himself in a new world of trouble.

  • Gameplay

The game is very text-heavy and you must read it to move forward in the story. The game is filled with puzzles to solve to find your way up the tower as well defeat mini-bosses along the way. The game is fun for those who love this style of gameplay it is not a fast pace game or action-filled. You are not alone in this tower and it has its own risk as you find your way up the tower.

  • Overall

A game that took me a bit to get into at first but the story of where he came from as well the Noah story. Got me hooked and wanted to uncover the secrets of the tower and the origins of the Creature. An almost Frankenstein-like story in a sense but this one has its own story arc. Check this one out now on Steam and make your way threw the tower and uncover the truth.