ThinkGeek’s Opening At Deerbrook Mall Starts A Revolution

A calm and warm day in Humble, TX is getting busy on the streets as cars are racing on the highways to find their final destination. The final destination for most will be at Deerbrook Mall and once out of their cars, the crowd of people race to the nearest entrance.

The clock ticks and every second ends with a huff and puff from the eager crowd. They are very eager for the newest store on the block which is rare to their eyes. The store is called is ThinkGeek and with many there is wild belief that ThinkGeek will have their own store.

2016-07-22 10.53.58

The long lines of people wait patiently as the doors are finally open and the store once only viewed on line or only a few products available at Game Stop, finally has their own full fledged store for the consumer.

Person after person goes into the store with a bewilderment in their eyes and many acclaims of “I saw this online”, ” I didn’t know this existed” to “Give me another 10 minutes, I’m still taking this in” from the crowd of hundreds at Deerpark Mall.

2016-07-22 11.10.16

Drop The Spotlight brought in cosplayer Christina Mcdaniel and she wowed the crowd with her Spider Gwen cosplay and talked to each and every one of them. She was the highlight for our fans and many enjoyed the time in line waiting to get into the store.


There were many prizes there at store including House of Hardcore wrestling tickets from Bustin4Autism, cool boxes from Boxes In Action, and of course cool items from ThinkGeek.

2016-07-22 10.52.07

2016-07-22 15.01.17

Many fans had a great amount of fun there and Drop The Spotlight provided some great entertainment there, great fan experience and of course an atmosphere where consumers can be safe and enjoyable.

ThinkGeek at Deerbrook mall provided a store not only for the consumer but a store for a fan to come out and see what is new in a few miles from their home instead of hundreds online.