They Are Billions Gaming Review

When I tried this game out, I was thinking how will this game pan out as zombies are involved? Well the answer for that is, TOTAL ANNIHILATION! Pardon my Spanish, but this game is an adventure where you don’t know if your colony will last at least a day or 100 days. I was able to do this  review from my XBOX One and streamed on Twitch. Here is the review and some game footage as well!

Watch Highlight: They are Billions on the Xbox one from dropthespotlight on www.twitch.tvHere is one of my highlights of the game that was streamed on Twitch and I enjoyed every minute of it. The game starts off with you and your command center in a large field or barren area. You must build up your area to survive just a number of nights for you and your colony. You create more colonist by building additional homes so more people can live in your area and start to rebuild civilization. You will have to safeguard your area with defenses such as towers, fences, and walls. You do have a small army of defenders such as one person with a gun and a few archers.  I was able to create a Tesla town for energy for the town and some fishing places for food. I was able to establish a hunter spot, lumbar yard and more. My town was growing and looking nice to me. I was able to get my own Mayor established so it was looking good until…the horde came!

Watch Zombie Attack!! Ahh! from dropthespotlight on

The swarm of zombies overcame my defenses and just slaughtered my entire area. They ate them up for breakfast and left nothing for lunch and dinner. This was quite hard to watch but at the same time, I enjoy to see this was my best chance on creating my survival town. I had tried this game a few other times and never got this far before. This game is addicting yet now thinking how will my town survive an attack like that next time!

I enjoyed this game and will continue to play online to try and master this 100 days of staying alive!

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