There Is No Light Gameplay Trailer Reveal

September 8, 2020 | Developer Zelart and publisher HypeTrain Digital present a brand new gameplay trailer for There Is No Light, an upcoming dark action-adventure planned to be released on all major platforms in Q3 2021.

There is No Light is a pixel-art action-adventure set in a grim underground world ruled by the mysterious Church of the Great Hand, where the entire human population has been eradicated by a global catastrophe.

Explore the game world, listen to the stories of survivors, vanquish hordes of bloodthirsty demonic creatures and fight deadly Bosses to fulfill your goal — save your child who has been taken away by the Church.

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Key Features:


  • Non-linear Narrative. Create your own adventure by exploring the story and in-game world as you want it.

  • Four types of Magic and Bladed Weapons, each with unique abilities and skills to upgrade.

  • Filled with Rage. A Rage gauge builds up when damage is inflicted on enemies and the environment, allowing to slay your opponents quickly and efficiently.

  • Extraordinary Combat provided by rapid battle style, varieties of weapons, and hordes of otherworldly creatures.

  • Four unique in-game locations that were inspired by classic post-apocalyptic and dark fantasy visuals.

  • Varieties of dreadful Bosses that were designed to eliminate your character in various and brutal ways.

  • Numerous NPC each with unique story quests for you to maintain.

  • Karma system. Your actions and decisions will affect the state of the Underworld.


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Also, today at 2 PM ET we’re launching a Kickstarter campaign for There Is No Light. It will be live for 28 days until October 6, and we’re aiming to get a minimum of $30,000 to make the Underworld bigger and deeper, so that its exploration becomes an unforgettable experience. Kickstarter page contains all major information on There Is No Light story, so if you want to dig a little bit deeper into the game’s lore — that’s the right place to go.

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About HypeTrain Digital

HypeTrain Digital is the indie game publisher for PC and consoles. Their mission is to help young developers deliver their games to worldwide audiences, regardless of genre or platform. Working with a diverse team of industry professionals, they’ve led numerous games to success across the world, including Stoneshard, The Wild Eight, and Police Stories.

About Zelart

Zelart team always tries to observe and develop each aspect of the game from the perspective of uniqueness and novelty, so that they can actually bring the project that will provide players with fresh and memorable gaming experience. Improvisation is their middle name, while iteration — their mother’s maiden name.