The Zombie Cute-pocalypse is Nigh — Zelter Coming Soon to PC

“Cute, charming, challenging, and action-packed” — words you probably never thought you’d hear used together in a description of the zombie apocalypse, but that, and much more, is precisely what you’ll get in Zelter, the upcoming survival simulation from and G1 Playground. In Zelter, you’ll stake out a humble home and expand it into a thriving full-sized settlement. To do so, you’ll need to craft tools, scavenge supplies, grow food, make friends with other survivors (and get them to join your camp), and make sure you live to fight another day! Things aren’t always calm in the world of Zelter, as waves of ravenous undead will attempt to disrupt your tranquility and make a Human Happy Meal out of you and your companions!

Zelter takes a cute pixelated art-style, adds a dash of upbeat music, and mixes it all together for a post-zombie-apocalypse crafting and survival experience like no other. Use your skills to craft tools for survival and defense, start a farm, and head out into the world to scavenge supplies while saving lives. Zombies will come for you eventually — so prepare yourself and your home by getting your defenses ready and your machine gun turrets fully loaded. After all — a zombie apocalypse is tough to overcome, even if it’s in a charming pixelated universe. But don’t lose hope — keep crafting and carry on! Zelter will arrive on Steam’s Early Access on October 22, 2020.

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