In this issue, we start off in Earth Alpha with the President of Fortune City Bank and the Mayor discussing some important matters. Then out of nowhere, Lady Dragonflyman barges in through the window. She lets them of the situation with Dragonflyman and the missing Stinger which compels herself to let them know she was responsible for Stinger. She convinces them to use the Everyscope to find out what had happened to Stinger. Once they find out, off she goes to find Stinger!

While this was going on, Dragonflyman and Dragonfly talk to Stinger about a situation that happened prior and find out about something set off alarms in them. Then the Dragon Wagon comes in which allows Stinger to be gassed and taken back home. Now the battle begins between Dragonflyman and Dragonfly over the situation concerning Stinger that nearly took his life! Before the fight could end, someone comes in and stops them!

Wow just wow! You read in Earth Alpha on how they are treating Lady Dragonflyman and demeaning her as she isn’t very important. I see she brushes it off but I’m like wow so wrong there but its an interesting take on that situation. I know this fight between Dragonflyman and Dragonfly has been brewing throughout the issues as they are both opposite of each other. They both have a different view on how they would handle crime and situations. I felt, with the issue with Stinger coming to light, it set this off hard! I dig it! I can’t wait for the next issue!

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(W) Tom Peyer

(A) Jamal Igle / Juan Castro

(C) Jamal Igle


The utility gauntlets are off! The tensions between campy Dragonflyman and his gritty counterpart, Dragonfly, come to a furious boil! It’s a rift that can only be settled with fists, gadgets, and—in Dragonfly’s case—lethal weapons! EXTRA: illustrated prose, AHOY-style!

May 5, 2021

ORIGINALLY: April 21, 2021