This next issue for The Wrong Earth: Night and Day with Dragonfly and Dragonflyman is heating up hard! I had thought to myself when they finally meet each other, they may battle each other or vaporize with each other. My imagination took a turn, Yes….I know… but it has you interested in the storyline. Well without further ado, we were able to get a review copy of this next issue and lets give you a peak of the story:

Dragonfly and Dragonflyman finally come face to face with each other. Dragonflyman is a bit mad about the Dragon Wagon being totaled but Dragonfly had something up his sleeve. He revealed some cool new concepts for the vehicle. The vehicle was able to repair itself and get itself running. While it was repairing, Number 1 is hearing about that both Dragonfly and Dragonflyman are in his Earth. He wants to make sure they don’t come back again and not be alive either He has his assistant to do his dirty deed while he just relaxed in his building. Dragonfly and Dragonflyman are trying to up each other with their skills but once they see what is coming for them next, they hightail it out! A rude awakening hits them hard and its a dandy situation!

I’m enjoyed this next issue as it gave you additional imagination of that corporation that is polluting both Earths and usage of the mirrors. I’m liking the interacting with Dragonfly and Dragonflyman as they both are having trouble interacting with each other but they try to push their own beliefs unto each other which proves tragic later on to them. I’m digging this story, the art and everything around these issues. I can’t wait for more!

Get The Wrong Earth: Night and Day #2 here:


(W) Tom Peyer

(A) Jamal Igle / Juan Castro

(C) Jamal Igle


As environmental crises bring gritty Dragonfly and campy Dragonflyman face-to-face on a third Wrong Earth, a twist of fate makes them inseparable—a situation neither crimefighter wants!

Extra: Illustrated prose fiction and features.


February 3, 2021