The Undertaker – Last Ride Documentary Ep 2 on WWE Network Review

I was able to just finish watching Episode 2 of the limited series The Last Ride documentary with The Undertaker. I will post a short review below, but won’t go into too much spoilers.

I really liked this episode as it showed the Undertaker, at his lowest, regain everything he thought he lost. Though, it was a hard and enduring journey to get to that spot. The hardest part for him is re-watching the past Wrestlemania match he had with Roman Reigns. You can see in his eyes as he re-watches it of the sadness of what he had become.

I believe this sets him off and starts the journey of redemption to regain his career and legacy as a legend in wrestling. You watch as he has the surgery to help fix his hip and stop the pain he had been having for many years. He then talks about his relationship with Vince McMahon and how they fed off of each other to make each other better.

I will stop there but you need to see this episode, its hard watching a legend like the Undertaker showing the disappointment he had in himself.  He would have to admit to himself of failures in order to over come them and rebuild himself. A very powerful episode!

You can watch Episode 2 now on WWE Network: