The True Adventures of Wolfboy Review

The True Adventures of Wolfboy directed by Martin Krejci starring Chloë Sevigny. Is a story of a thirteen-year-old boy born with a rare condition. Abandon by his mother at birth left with his father to raise living a life teased by everyone and made fun of. He decides to run away to find his mother and ask her why she left him.

He sets off on an adventure to find her starting with an offer to work at a traveling circus that turns into a nightmare putting him on the run from the law. He meets a mermaid and befriends a young girl with her own secrets. Together they tried to find their way to find his mother and she is running from her mom. They find themself with a pirate just don’t ask how she lost her eye. He is living his young life to the fullest on this adventure with his father, the man from the circus, and the law. He meets many more people and starts to feel good for once in his life.

Just as he is feeling good things turn for the worst when he finds out his mother was not where he was lead to believe she was. Due to a cruel prank from one of the kids that bully him in a fit of anger, he tells his friend their truths and she leaves him. To make things worst the circus owner catches up with him and tries to bring him back. The time has come for his father to tell him where his mother is setting up a meeting with her and a surprise that will change his life and answer so many questions.

This film was an amazing story of a boy trying to find his place in this world. Find his mother and alone they way make friends and find a place where he is not cast away but excepted. To take the mask off and show himself to the world. You can feel his pain and frustration with his father not understanding his point of view as his father tries to toughen him up. The film was written and directed very well makes it a must-see in my book. Be sure to check it out now and go along with Wolfboy on an amazing adventure.