The top ranked Turtoa players surface on Scorecard

The scoreboards for Turtoa Global Rhythm have really heated up this month. Congrats to Jaybird for achieving the remarkable #1 score so far! Here are the current top 10 players:
Turtoa Top Scores – Single Levels
# Player Level High Score
1 Jaybird It’s Alive 3,479,177
2 BJ Big Hands It’s Alive 3,426,881
3 Budman Nesha Nesha 3,185,790
4 bean💕 It’s Alive 3,022,799
5 Quasar Essimo 2,857,000
6 Larz It’s Alive 2,535,315
7 Thasyka Merry-Go-Round 2,217,047
8 Lazthedestroyer Essimo 2,111,956
9 East Van Titan Sahala Ala Dit 2,080,520
10 R Guru Mantra 1,986,614
All these top 10 players win a free copy of the full Turtoa game – with access to a whole world of amazing music! We’ll get these copies out this week, please get in touch if you’re one of these top 10 players.
If you haven’t tried Turtoa yet, download it free now for iOS or Android devices:
We still welcome all feedback on the game. We continue to build the game, with plans for more storylines to accompany the musical journey, with a full Mac and PC release of the game coming in 2021 (wishlist on steam if you game there).