The Tomorrow War Prime Video Review

While laying down, I decided to see what was on my Prime Video account. I saw that they just debuted a new movie called The Tomorrow War. I’m like sweet! Lets rock n roll! I’m a big Sci Fi fan and think this could be an interesting movie to watch.

Yes it was! I watched the whole movie and saw a new direction for sci fi for things relating to technology and alien stories. I felt Chris Pratt did well in this movie and showcased a different side of his acting abilities in this movie. I’m not going to spoil much but here is my small review of the movie. I say, check out the movie and enjoy your evening!

here is the review:


  • Original story
    • As a movie fan, I haven’t heard of a story of where people from the future come to the past in order to recruit people to help fight their war. I know I heard of a general conspiracy out there but this had more beyond that. While watching this movie, I was very intrigued with the story and time travel in order to help the future out. We are usually accustomed to people coming from the future to help their past but not in this movie.
  • Chris Pratt is Awesome
    • I am not a Chris Pratt fan. I know him only in Guardians of the Galaxy and I still haven’t seen Jurassic World or a comedic show I think he is in but may have read somewhere. I know as an actor, compared to his character of Guardians of the Galaxy, he stepped out of his comfort zone and became a different actor. He utilized more emotion and skills I didn’t know he had as an actor and surprised me on how good he was in this movie!
  • Imaginative
    • We are used to aliens flying their ship to Earth or finding out they had a prior engagement that had them stay on our planet. In this movie, they talked about not knowing how they got there but they did cause that situation in the future. The ending though, I digged hard as you find out everything that happened. I found this and the way the aliens are designed very imaginative! The design of the aliens shouted out hard as something unique and different and then gave you an additional mystery. You are filled with questions such as how these aliens drove a space craft to our planet? How these aliens look kinda cool? This confusion added to the mystery of the movie and I digged that!


  • Not a movie
    • I felt while watching this movie, they stuffed so much information into this movie. In my mind, I felt this movie should have been a limited series, where they could have had 5 to 6 episodes for this show to expand the story and have it spaced out.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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