The TakeOver Arrives on PlayStation 4

OSAKA, Japan, May 20th — DANGEN Entertainment has announced that The TakeOver is making its way to the PlayStation 4 digital store on May 20th, 2021!

The Takeover is a side-scrolling beat ’em up inspired by 90’s classics such as Streets of Rage and Final Fight. Take back the streets solo or alongside a friend in local co-op in any of the three featured game modes: Arcade, Survival and Challenge. Players will fight across seven stages and over 20 unique locations using any of the four playable characters, or swap between them in real time in the unlockable Relay Mode. Bonus stages features high speed driving and flight modes! Whether it’s the fiery punches of Ethan, the lightning fast kicks of Megan, or the devastating suplexes of Connor, there’s a character for every kind of fighting fan in The TakeOver.

The Takeover - Official Launch TrailerlPS4


The TakeOver’s gameplay is designed around a unique combo system that allows the player to link together punches and kicks. Quickly put enemies into the ground, keep them stunned or launch them into the air and continue to juggle. Maintaining a combo will fill the Super meter faster and allow you to unleash a devastating attack. Players can also find and use weapons such as crowbars, swords and machine guns scattered around the levels. Each character is equipped with their own unique sidearm at all times, but ammunition is scarce so use it wisely. The TakeOver’s gameplay is fun for novices and satisfying enough for veterans.


The soundtrack featured in The TakeOver contains music from Little V Mills, Richie Branson, James Ronald and Yuzo Koshiro!

Visual style

The art style consists of a mix of pre-rendered high resolution character sprites and detailed real time backgrounds built with high definition resolutions in mind. The story is presented via comic book style cutscenes!


The game offers three difficulty modes: Easy, Normal and Hard. In Hard mode, the game always starts from Stage One, enemies are faster, larger in number, and more aggressive, and there are no continues! This setting is aimed at hardcore old-school beat ’em up fans looking for a challenge. Unlock Relay Mode to switch between characters in real time! Take on high octane driving and flight stages in the bonus levels!