The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding Review

The Swan Princess: A Royal Wedding a story of forbidden love full of sorcery and power of love. The story of Princess Mei Li and her love that is turned to a forbidden love by the evil sorceress Fang. She turns the true love of  Princess Mei Li into a curse. All is not lost with the help of her brother and Princess Odette and Prince Derek. They break the curse and set off to try to convince her father to let them marry. Happiness was short-lived due to the hidden true feelings of Fang. Bring her evil hand to stop the marriage she set a new curse. Going all out to have her way she tricks everyone and only then with the help of Odette and Derek. They bring in some royal help to save  Princess Mei Li. Showing Fang that love and the truth conquer all.

I sat down and watched this film with my two girls and they were taken away into the story from the start. The fairy tale had them hooked and loving every minute of the story. A great film for them I know when I see there faces light up with excitement. They loved it and I too enjoyed the story a great movie to sit and watch as a family. Be sure to add this one to your collection out now.