The Story of Jessika Unravels Further in Latest Dev Diary from TriTrie Games (PC)

Things are heating up in Jessika’s missing person case, as publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer TriTrie Games today released the third and final dev diary featurette about the recently released investigative Full Motion Video (FMV) game.

Currently available on Steam, Jessika forces players to read between the lines and look within themselves as they uncover the truth about Jessika’s mysterious and unexpected suicide. What at first appears to be an investigation like any other, quickly develops into a dark drama with unbelievable twists and turns.

In today’s video, the developers discuss why they chose to tell the harrowing tale of Jessika via Full Motion Video rather than other development methods and how they hope the medium will evoke certain emotions in players and how they relate to the titular character. Additionally, Jessika‘s creators delve into the various issues they faced bringing the story’s sensitive topics to life on-screen.

“It’s very important to me that players realize it’s not just a game that you mindlessly play through,” said Pierre Schlömp, Game Designer, TriTrie Games. “You should take your time afterward to think about what you’ve just experienced.”

Watch the Jessika Dev Diary Featurette #3 here:

More about Jessika

Convinced of foul play, Jessika’s father has hired you to uncover the truth about her untimely death. What appears to be a textbook suicide — at least, at first — may prove to be your career-defining moment. With only your laptop and an unrivaled determination for unearthing the truth, you’ll need to dig through the victim’s extensive digital footprint to locate clues and keywords embedded within Jessika’s tangled online presence to piece together what really happened.

Developed by TriTrie Games and published by Assemble Entertainment, Jessika is now available on Windows, Steam OS, Mac, and Linux via Steam for $12.49 USD. Learn more at the official Steam store page here:

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