The Sound of Scars Review

As a youth, I turned to music to comfort myself around my surroundings. The environment I was living in was something you wouldn’t read about but had to experience. When older, I was able to go to Mcallen, TX with friends to check out some bands performing at the La Villa Real venue. One of the bands was a band I never heard of before but from the audience interactions they were really big in New York. When the band came out and performed their first song, which was Through and Through, I was hooked hard! Afterwards, I had to find everything and anything of Life of Agony and just devour their music. I continued to listen to their music over the years (Yes, I still jam to them) and they were able to open my ears to some of New York’s best in the hardcore and metal scene.

I was able to sit down and watch their latest documentary called The Sound of Scars which goes deeply into their personal lives to give fans a view of their story. I didn’t realize the trauma each band member went through while growing up in Brooklyn, NY. I also didn’t realize the abuse that happened to Mina early in her life and the attacks from people during her transformation. This documentary is an amazing view of the band members and how music saved their lives. I fully recommend for fans to check out this doc! You don’t have to be a fan of the band to understand their hardships. I also recommend to check out their music as well!

here is the review:


  • Story
    • I didn’t know much about Life of Agony’s true story of the band while as a fan. I was a huge fan of their music and how it takes you to another world. In the doc, I was introduced to a story of a band who are literally a family. They were together for nearly all their lives and music was their outlet. They would go to hard core shows and get their energy and frustrations out in the mosh pit. Then later on in life, they were in separate bands and decided to come together and create Life of Agony. I don’t want to spoil much but the story for each musician from the band is not only heartfelt but astonishing as well.
  • Mina
    • My heart goes out so much to Mina! She is so strong during her early life as well during her transformation. Her life story was horrifying as she endured abuse after abuse. She was able to grow stronger throughout her life to the point where she is a leader for others out there that need a hero. She embodies her strength through her music and through her style while performing on stage.
  • Music
    • I never realized the songs they performed in their albums lyrically are part of their stories. The band told their fans what was going on in their lives through their lyrics, through their music and through the vibrant concerts they would have. I never realized that when I saw them live but emotionally felt their power when they were on stage.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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