The Skylia Prophecy Out Today on Steam

Pixel-art story-driven metroidvania
The Skylia Prophecy - OUT NOVEMBER 20TH 2020
Innsbruck, Austria –November 20, 2020– Independent developer Ezekiel Rage and indie games publisher Plug In Digital release their beautiful pixel-art retro-like metroidvania The Skylia Prophecy on Steam today.
The Skylia Prophecy is a story-driven, side scrolling action RPG set in a medieval fantasy world with more than a dozen locations. Lead Mirenia in a quest to vanquish the evil she unleashed when she was a teenager and upgrade her with a level and magic system.
In The Skylia Prophecy you will have to journey throughout lands and towns, explore ancient dungeons, and battle hordes of monsters as you fight against powerful bosses and solve exploration-based riddles. Meet different people, sell you powerful items and reveal secrets that will aid you on your quest.
  • Upgrade Mirenia with a level and magic system
  • Over a dozen different locations
  • Beautiful pixel-art
  • Story-driven exploration
  • Tough-as-nails difficulty
  • Atmospheric Music
  • Challenging and complex boss battles
Additional Information
About Plug In Digital
Plug In Digital is one of the largest independent video game distributors.
They are a driving force behind indie successes such as Dead Cells, FURI or Northgard and a key partner for high-profile companies such as SNK, Raw Fury, Paradox, Konami, Bigben, Bandai Namco, CI Games or Curve Digital.
About Ezekiel Rage
Ezekiel Rage is a small time indie comic book writer and game developer from Innsbruck, Austria. He tries to make his living by creating all kinds of modern media. He has developed other games such as Two Bit HeroCitadale – The Ancestral StrainCitadale: The Legends TrilogyThe Masked MageMalevolencePixel Pileup PartyBioMechGravity Spin and Highscore Hunter Hodgepodge.